How a group of creatives built a virtual platform, a gallery show, and live performance of Hamlet in 6 months

Homeward Bound

In early 2020, a group of performers, artists, and creative coders called The Weekly Weekly faced the uncertainty of the pandemic and embraced the idea that to show their work to the world this year they would need to go virtual.

They started a quarantine endeavor to create a space for their projects, while also staring down a quandary, “What is the virtual alternative to the freedom and experience of a grand performance in a warehouse in Brooklyn?”

Through six months of experimentation and play, they learned that there is no ‘perfect’ virtual space — only experiments — and through…

A user-centered approach to re-skinning Cooper Hewitt’s collection homepage.

The latest redesign of Cooper Hewitt’s collection site homepage offered a chance to reestablish the first impression of the collection and the museum. A user-centered approach to the design enabled us to revisit the complexity of the museum’s collection and Cooper Hewitt’s mission through design and experience.

What is a design museum? It’s a question that’s not so easy to answer. Wikipedia defines design as “… a plan or specification for the construction of an object or system or for the implementation of an activity or process, or the result of that plan or specification in the form of a…

When I was in college I started writing a book. I remember starting the story, and it felt like being a puppeteer. I remember that feeling specifically — ‘If I give them legs, they’ll walk. If I give them mouths they’ll talk.’ The characters just started doing things in my head as I brought them to life. It was the act of converting the images in my head onto words on the page that actually activated the characters in my head, and got them to do things. I worked in my basement, with my computer set up on an old…


Founder of The Weekly Weekly, ITP grad, Ex Genslerite, Cooper Hewitter, Designer, Technologist, Dabbler. Bee lover.

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